Retno Ika
Winter 2022/2023

Tere! I’m Retno Ika.

Most of my friends call me Retno, and some of them call me Ika, but in the online world, a lot of my friends know me as Ocha.

I’m a parallel entrepreneur and also a digital product designer and strategist at Chloè & Matt OÜ. I used to be a UX Designer, but now I build and manage several companies such as Tanibox, Kultiva, and All Trades Digital.

I’m also a podcaster, gardener, writer and open-source creator. I currently run two podcasts: Mari Menanam and Ngopini Sejenak, gardening on my small urban house in Denpasar (Bali) and writing my experiences and knowledge on a blog named Plantree, creating a webcomic called Mari Menanam with a friend, and building Tania—an open-source farm management software.

I was living in Bali — a super sunny island 🏖 before moving permanently to wherever my heart tells me to go.

Update: I currently live in Tallinn, Estonia 🇪🇪. Never did I know that our dream since 2017 could be realised in 2021, while the global pandemic still happening.