Joyous December 2021

Joyous 🎄 Christmas Bullet Journal Setup

Let’s celebrate the Hygge season with all Hygge-and-Christmas things! 🎄🕯️☕️

Hello friends,

Here we are, at the end of 2021, and you have no idea for your Christmas bullet journal setup.

This month, I create a special holiday design for my December bullet journal spreads. My husband and I were relocating to a Northern country in the autumn. And now here I am, enjoying my first winter in Tallinn (Estonia).

Christmas Bullet Journal Inspirations

I chose the Christmas-y theme, but I don’t want to just use the Christmas trees. Well, part of it because, this year we cannot build a Christmas tree, yet. We’re still adjusting to the climate, and, we didn’t prepare the budget for it. Frugal life, baby! 😆

Hygge: All Things Speaks Comfy, Warmth and Enjoying Good Time with People We Love

I put some simple doodles of things that resonate with Christmas and winter. Last month, although I didn’t post my bullet journal spreads here, I actually create the Hygge theme. But I was feeling so off, and I didn’t fill most of my spreads.

And still, with the spirit of hygge in me, I combine it with December and winter theme, which is mostly about Christmas and holidays. I put some Christmas decorations such as gingerbread, crystal balls, red and white candy cane, and pine branches. As for the hygge vibe, I put my favourite things here. Those are tea, hot chocolate and black coffee, candles, and a scarf. I can already sense the warmth just by typing and thinking about it.

Christmas bullet journal - cover

My Spreads for December 2021

Calendar + Memories

I use some Estonian words here and there, as a way to learn. Just little by little. At least I remember the days’ and months’ names. For the memory part, I don’t want to put them on the end part of the journal, since it will be harder for me to pinpoint the date and the event. So I put them side by side.

Calendar + Memories

Deep Intentions

This month, I planned to finish my course on Master YouTube by SlowGrowth.com. But I gotta admit, I have had a focus difficulty lately, and feel rushed, even though I am no longer taking design projects. I think I need to get back on my daily walking and meditation session.

Deep Intentions

Projects & Habits Tracker

I have 4 personal projects that I need to focus on by this month, e.g. content planning for 2022 and maybe changing the format of my content. Well, let’s see…

Weekly Spreads

For my weekly spreads, I just allocated small space for my to-do list and events, as I plan to transition them to a digital journal.

But the special part of this weekly spread is the cooking or food diary, where I take notes of what I ate on that day. It helps me to track what I ate, and how does it relate to my allergy. And I also put reminders and the top intention of that week to remind me the most special things to do. And the notes part is allocated for gratitudes; what I received that week that makes me a better, happier, or kinder person.


I usually put this spread at the very end of my monthly bullet journal setup, where I put all of our expenses, places we’ve visited, things we’ve done, people we met, etc. It is intended to summarise the week for me.

All in all…

I have a separate daily journal to write down what I feel or think that day, and also another bookkeeping journal to take notes of our finances such as income, savings, debt, fixed and variable expenses, and investments.

I can talk about it another day, promise.

And that’s all for my December 2021 bullet journal setup. I hope you can be inspired by it, and be gentler and more mindful as we’ll step in a new year soon.



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